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Item Size
5133663U 1/2" TYPE LB FITTING PVC D     1/2"
5133664U 3/4" TYPE LB FITTING PVC D     3/4"
5133665U 1" TYPE LB FITTING PVC D     1"
5133666U 1-1/4 TYPE LB FITTING PVC D     1-1/4"
5133667U 1-1/2"TYPE LB FITTING     1-1/2"
5133668U 2" TYPE LB FITTING PVC D     2"
LB Fittings
PVC Access Type
  • Type LB conduit body.
  • Used for a change of direction of the conduit run with the back hub usually exiting through a wall.
  • Rectangular shaped conduit body with removable cover.
Description: 5133664U 3/4" Type Lb Fitting Pvc D
Item#: 0455-3664-6
UPC: 088700065420
Price: $3.99 / EA
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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